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"Nick Neral's balance between sales skill and thought leadership make him an ideal expert in the health tech space."

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About Me

After landing in healthcare sales in 2018, I'm now the Director of Marketplace at a venture backed healthcare technology company, Healthie. My experience in sales and partnerships has covered a wide variety of healthcare technologies. My sales and partnerships experience includes consistently being the #1 seller in teams I've been on, leading EHR partnerships, building sales playbooks, and leading and managing a team of SDRs. Whether you're chasing month to month contracts or multi-year enterprise deals, I've been there and won deals.

My personal interests include mental health, venture capital, Formula 1 and pole vault.

Education & Experience

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management

University of Akron

Certificate in Healthcare Leadership

Dignity Health Global Education/Duke University


  • Company's first SDR
  • Promoted to AE and company's lead sales rep in 2020 and 2021
  • Closed more than 100 new logos ranging from $5,000 to $500,000+ per year
  • Hired and led a team of 6 business development representatives


  • Enterprise partnerships with both health systems and digital health companies, including Premier Health (OH) and a number of telehealth and RPM companies
  • Acted as subject matter expert for procurement processes for telehealth, digital forms/patient intake, and remote patient monitoring



  • Co-founded the first content distribution platform (web and mobile app) requiring creators to be licensed clinicians
  • Quickly grew to 200+ clinicians and thousands of monthly content views


  • Own vision to execution of Healthie's EHR marketplace, The Harbor, partnering with third party companies to enhance the customer's. experience
  • 150% to quota in first six months as Enterprise AE before being promoted to Director of Marketplace

Don't Just Take My Word For It

"Nick Neral's balance between sales skill and thought leadership make him an ideal expert in the health tech space. He has worked with organizations across the globe to test market fit, identify growth opportunities and create replicable sales processes to ensure that, when products hit the market, they are build for success. His relationship-first perspective focuses on doing the right thing for the customer, this creating trust and continued potential for growth. His varied experience in health tech makes him invaluable in this market for explosive change and consolidation."

Lauren Howard

Digital Health Executive, Co-worker at Mend

"Nick is an encyclopedia when it comes to the world of healthcare - if you have a question related to overall industry knowledge or specific questions related to certain fields, Nick has the answer. Not only does he possess vast amounts of knowledge, but his ability to teach it to others is unmatched. Whether you're engaging with a client or bringing on a new team member, you'd be lucky to have Nick on your side!"

Victor Huang

Co-worker at Mend


Nick Neral

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